Transform is Letchworth Baptist Church’s summer programme and it’s been a feature of summers in the Garden Citry for over 40 years.  Since 1978 this annual, week long programme has been focused on children and teenagers,. Orginally it was called Adventure but most recently its become Hiz Kidz on Holiday and Breakout. In 2009 it was extended to include Serve. What used to be a week for children and teenagers became all-age.

Since it began in 1978, Transform takes place each year during the week before the August Bank Holiday Monday.

Hiz Kidz on Holiday, Breakout and Serve are run for the benefit of the local community, free of charge, and are manned by members of Letchworth Baptist Church and friends, who give up one week of their holiday each year to serve the community.

As in previous years we have been generously supported by  the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation. Once more the children’s arts and craft’s materials have been purchased  with the aid of a Heritage Foundation grant.

Hiz Kidz on Holiday

This is a children’s event in the style of the weekly Hiz Kidz and is for children from 5 years old to 11 years old. It is normally held in the mornings, Monday to Friday at St Francis College, not far from the church in Spring Road, Letchworth.

Typically over a hundred children attend Hiz Kidz on Holiday. The fun daily programme includes the usual Hiz Kidz craft, activities, Bible stories and games.


Breakout is a Monday to Friday event, during the Transform week, for youngsters of between 11 and 15 years of age. Traditionally it concludes with a finale on the Saturday evening and is held at Letchworth Baptist Church in West View in the afternoons. The daily programme includes fun activities, indoor and outdoor games (both on and off site), the ever enjoyed Friday man hunt and Bible based talks, all geared towards young people.


Serve is about showing God’s love to the local community through practical help. During the Transform week Serve teams take on gardening and other odd jobs for folk who would value assistance.

Most of the work we do is in the garden and most of the folk we help are elderly or infirmed in some way or simply find the jobs too much. Like everything else about Transform, Serve is free of charge.

Its hard work but tremendous fun and is very much appreciated by the folk we help.

Prayer and Bible Reading

The Transform day begins with a prayer meeting at 7:15am and the daily programme begins with worship and a Bible reading, which is normally a short series on some topic of relevance and encouragement to the Transform team.

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