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Operation Eagle

Michael McIntyre’s famous view of the things that define manliness in the modern age includes the private reserves and dangers of the secret loft, where woman may not tread, alongside the delights of the man-drawer. The contents of which express modern manliness: the light bulb supply, dud batteries, out of date take away menus and useless cables.

In the day, manly pursuits were quite different and much more masculine. Did you know that Henry VIII had a law that required all able bodied men to practice their archery skills with their long bow every Sunday afternoon?  If they had a man-drawer then it would have contained feathers and cord to re-fletch the flights on their arrows. Not so useless.

Ho- hummm…….

Exclusively for Men

G-men’s Operation Eagle is a day set aside exclusively for men to have fun, doing some of those really manly things, which far exceed the delights of the secret loft and the man-drawer. Things  for which we no longer have an excuse, unless you happen to be Bear Grylls, Ray Mears or a member of the SAS that is.

Learn and practice:

  • archery
  • shooting

and follow that up with

  • camp Building
  • foraging
  • fire building
  • outdoor cooking

And, because we men like to be competitive, there will be some modest prizes to recognise the best amongst us.

Operation Eagle is run by Kik Start Enterprises, led by Pete Stamford, and is based just outside of Leighton Buzzard. Kik Start’s week day activity is to provide alternative educational provision to young people who need more than regular schooling can provide. They build their programmes around mechanical and automotive engineering, repairing and restoring vehicles ranging from motor cycles to trucks, using this activity to also teach more basic but essential skills as part of the means to achieving the mecanical end.

Pete and his team also deploy their considerable resources and outdoor expertise for events geared to adults, such as Operational Eagle.

Places are Limited – Don’t delay

Places are limited, so if you want to come along and join with other guys to try your hand at some of these man-skills, then don’t delay. You can get your ticket:

  • At the Creation Cabin Café at Letchworth Baptist Church – open Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 4pm,
  • By calling Mike on 07527 058600
  • Emailing Mike at

When you buy your ticket please give us your contact details so we can send you the joining instructions. The plan is to meet at Letchworth Baptist Church so we can share cars and provide lifts.

G-Men’s Operation Eagle Details

Date: Saturday 15July 2017
Location: KIK START Enterprises, The Brambles, Vandyke Rd, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 3DY
Times Rendezvous at Letchworth Baptist Church for an 8:30am departure (Map)
Arrive at Kik Start for 9:30am
Return home at 4pm
Age Limit 18 and over
Ticket Cost: £20 or as you can aford

 Essential Information

  • Operation Eagle is an outdoor activity in field and wood so:
    • Dress for the weather, whatever that might be on the day.
    • Wear suitable footwear. If it’s wet you will most likely need a change of shoes for the journey home.
    • Don’t forget sun screen if it’s a sunny day
  • Bring a packed lunch (we will be cooking a meal on the open fire later on)

We look forward to seeing you there



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