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Operation Brooklands


Brooklands is the birthplace of British Motorsport and Operation Brooklands is our homage.

Brooklands, in Surrey, was the world’s first specifically built motor racing circuit. It was 2.75 miles long, 100ft wide with 30ft high banked curves. It was opened in June 1907 and a few days later Selwyn Francis Edge established a 24 hour record which was to stand for 17 years. He drove his 6 cylinder Napier continuously for 24 hours and covered 1581 miles at an average speed of 66mph.

Following the great time the G-Men had with Operation Leonardo in October we have now scheduled the G-men’s next event, Operation Brooklands, for 9th March. G-men is for men and our motto is “As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another” Come and enjoy a fun time with other men.

Now we cannot quite manage the scale and grandeur of the original Brooklands nor beat  Selwyn Edge’s impressive 6 cylinder green Napier,  but we can still set out some impressive slot-car circuits and we have four challenges planed that will require skill and nerve, skill to stay on the track and nerve to go to the edge to win. Come and enjoy the fun.

cars copyBeat the Stig

Can you set a time faster than the others? Can you go to the edge and beat the “Stig’s” time on the replica Top Gear Test Track?

Formula 1 Championship

Are you good enough to be our F1 champion on the Westview raceway? (Based on the American Petite Le Man this is about 5m x 2.5m and around 20m in length).

World Rally Championship

Can you hold your nerve racing head to head on the Broadwater Forest rally special stage and become the Rally Champion?

Champion of Champions

A one off, head to head showdown between Champions to see who is the best…..

The Rewards

It’s not often we have a chance to be with a group of guys so come along and enjoy. If that was not enough we will have refreshments and prizes too.

Exclusively for Men                                                                                      

Of course, it will be exclusively for men; individuals or teams.

Operation Brooklands Details

Date: Thursday 9th March You can obtain Tickets form Mike Waddell
on 07527 058600


From the Creation Cabin café at Letchworth Baptist Church in West View. Open Fridays and Saturdays
10am to 4pm.

Venue: 19:30
Time: 20:00hrs
Tickets: £5.00

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