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Fighter Verses

One sure way to help live a life style that is honouring to God is to be saturated in the Bible; to understand God’s revelation and to be able to apply it to our daily lives. To be able to draw on Scripture as we confront the situations of life, whether they be normal or extreme, joyous or sad, so that we respond in a Godly, Kingdom oriented way that brings glory to God.  To be such a people is one of our aspirations at Letchworth Baptist Church.

We discovered “Fighter Verses” through our use of the Children Desiring God materials. It’s a Bible memorisation programme comprising verses carefully selected to support the daily walk of the Christian. There are 260 passages – 52 passages per year for five years —“[chosen]to arm us for the fight for faith and love, and against unbelief and sin”.

It’s our practice to review the verse for the week in the Sunday service and add it to our weekly notice sheet. Some of us use the Fighter Verse packs and journals as we learn these verses, and practice their recall, week by week. They form the sword spoken of by Paul in the famous “armour of God” passage in Ephesians chapter 6. We find them filling our minds in the night watches and being there to inform our thinking, our responses, our prayers and our worship.

If you want to learn more about Fighter Verses visit the web site where you will find this weeks passage.

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