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Operation Leonardo

op-leo-logoOperation Leonardo; an evening of aeronautical competition and challenge for men – paper, planes and not forgetting the pizza.

Leonardo da Vinci was a great thinker, artist and designer. Way ahead of his time, he devised many weird and wonderful contraptions, including a sun powered “death ray” mirror.  He also devised flying machines and we hope to follow in the great man’s footsteps.

The idea is to set your creative juices flowing and compete to see which budding da Vinci is the best because they:

  • Achieve the most accurate paper plane landing: The Sea Harrier Challenge
  • Create the biggest paper plane that actually flies: The Big Bird Challenge
  • Innovate a flying machine from a heap of stuff, that actually flies: The Invention Test Challenge

We’ll provide basic designs, if you need them, the materials and the Pizza, but if you have perfected a winning design bring it along and impress the rest of us. The only qualification is that it flies.

Exclusively for Men                                                                                      

Of course, the evening is exclusively for men; individuals or teams.


Date:  27th October

Time: 20:00hrs

Venue: Letchworth Baptist Church

Tickets: Cost £5 and  are available from Mike Waddell or at the Creation Cabin cafe, Letchworth Baptist Church, open Fridays and Saturdays

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